Chronic Myeloid Leukemia


Clonal disorder of a pluripotent stem cell.

Signs & Symptoms

Weight loss, anorexia/night sweats, splenomegaly, pallor, dyspnea and tachycardia. Bruising, epistaxis, menorrhagia, gout or renal impairment.

Risk Factors

Most common between 40 – 60 years old.


Ph chromosome t(9;22), BCR-ABL gene.

Peripheral blood characteristics

Leucocytosis, complete spectrum of myeloid cells seen. Normochromic, normocytic anemia. Platelet count may be increased (most common), normal or decreased.

Bone Marrow characteristics

Hypercellular with granulopoietic predominance.

Important investigations & related results

Ph chromosome in FISH cytogenetic analysis. Increased serum uric acid. Low NAP score.

Treatment & management

Tyrosine kinase inhibitors – Imatinib (Glivec)
: Chemotherapy – hydroxyurea
: α- interferon
: stem cell transplantation

Peripheral blood smear of CML x 400.

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